SS-ISO-8773 Plastics piping systems for non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage - Polypropylene (PP) (ISO 8773:2006, IDT)


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This International Standard specifies the requirements for polypropylene (PP) pipes, fittings and piping systems intended for use for non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage for the conveyance of soil and waste discharge of domestic and industrial origin, as well as surface water. It covers buried pipework, as well as piping systems buried within the building structure. In the case of industrial discharge, it is necessary that the chemical and temperature resistance be taken into account, but this will need to be done separately. This International Standard is applicable to PP pipes with or without an integral socket and to jointing by means of push-fit joints with sealing rings or butt-fused joints. NOTE 1 Fittings can be manufactured by injection-moulding or fabricated from pipes and/or mouldings. This International Standard covers PP materials with normal E moduli and with higher E moduli, designated as HM (higher modulus), and gives a range of nominal sizes and pipe series, as well as recommendations concerning colours. This International Standard also specifies the test parameters for the test methods referred to herein. NOTE 2 PP materials with normal E moduli have an E modulus of between 1 250 MPa and 1 700 MPa. PP materials with higher E moduli (PP-HM materials) have an E modulus greater than or equal to 1 700 MPa.

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SS-ISO 8773:2006

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Sept. 22, 2006



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