SS-ISO-8820-8 Road vehicles - Fuse-links - Part 8: Fuse-links with bolt-in contacts (Type H and J) with rated voltage of 450 V (ISO 8820-8:2012, IDT)

SS-ISO-8820-8 - 2012 EDITION - CURRENT

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This part of ISO 8820 specifies fuse-links with bolt-in contacts (Type H and J) and test fixtures for the fuse-links for use in road vehicles. It establishes, for these fuse-link types, the rated current, test procedures, performance requirements and dimensions.This part of ISO 8820 is applicable to fuse-links with a rated voltage of 450 V d.c., a current rating of = 400 A and a breaking capacity of 2 000 A intended for use in road vehicles.This part of ISO 8820 is intended to be used in conjunction with ISO 8820-1 and with ISO 8820-2. The numbering of its clauses corresponds to that of ISO 8820-1 whose requirements are applicable, except where modified by requirements particular to this part of ISO 8820.

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43.040.10 (Electrical and electronic equipment)

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SS-ISO 8820-8:2012

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Oct. 1, 2012



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ISO 8820-8:2012(IDT)