SS-ISO/IEC-10166-2 Information technology - Text and office systems - Document filing and retrieval (DFR) - Part 2: Protocol specification - Technical corrigenda 2

SS-ISO/IEC-10166-2 - IEC 10166-2/Cor 2:1995 EDITION - CURRENT

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 IEC 10166-2/Cor 2:1995 EDITION - Nov. 29, 1996
 IEC 10166-2/Amd 2 EDITION - Nov. 29, 1996
 IEC 10166-2/Amd 1 EDITION - Nov. 29, 1996

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35.240.20 (IT applications in office work Including text processing systems, text communication, text presentation, Office Document Architecture (ODA), etc.)


Designation Name

SS-ISO/IEC 10166-2/Cor 2:1995

Revision Level

IEC 10166-2/Cor 2:1995 EDITION



Publication Date

Nov. 29, 1996



International Equivalent

ISO/IEC 10166-2:1991/Cor 2:1995(IDT)