SS-ISO/IEC-14755 Information technology - Input methods to enter characters from the repertoire of ISO/IEC 10646 with a keyboard or other input device (ISO/IEC 14755:1997, IDT)


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This International Standard defines methods that allow entry of characters belonging to the repertoire of single and multi-octet coding standards such as ISO/IEC 10646 in a code independent manner using a keyboard or other input/output devices. It is also expected that for implementations of different coding schemes of character sets, this method will be usable, provided that the target character sets have repertoires that are subsets of the universal multiple-octet coded character set (ISO/IEC 10646) or of any other standard character set. More specifically, this International Standard defines four methods, which can be implemented in different scenarios according to the conformance clause: -- a basic method for entering a character which involves using its bit representation (canonical or abbreviated form) in ISO/IEC 10646 as a catalog number, whichever underlying code is used for that character; -- a method for entering standard keyboard symbols representing the functions used on the keyboard; this method is intended for entering characters corresponding to the visual representation of the keyboard function symbols (according to ISO/IEC 9995-7 symbols and ISO/IEC 10646 characters), whith the help of the function keys themselves; -- a screen-selection entry method for selecting a character displayed on a screen for data entry; -- a feedback method that allows exact identification of characters shown on a screen, for subsequent data entry. This International Standard is intended to complement existing national keyboard layouts or existing input methods optimized for national use. Hence it does not replace any national keyboard entry requirement but is rather a tool to ease entry of the complete character repertoire of ISO/IEC 10646 with the help of already existing national keyboards.

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SS-ISO/IEC 14755:2004

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April 8, 2004



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International Equivalent

ISO/IEC 14755:1997(IDT)