SS-ISO/IEC-18036 Information technology - Icon symbols and functions for World Wide Web browser toolbars (ISO/IEC 18036:2003, IDT)


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ISO/IEC 18036 applies to icons that are shown on a computer screen, that users can manipulate and interact with, and that represent data or computer system functions. ISO/IEC 18036 describes user interaction with and the appearance of World Wide Web toolbar icons on the screen. Other forms of icons are covered in ISO/IEC 11581 (all parts). This International Standard defines a consistent set of icons and related functions that are presented by World Wide Web browser applications on a computer screen and that users interact with to control such applications. These toolbar icons typically represent actions by association with objects in the real world and conventional controls on hardware, and that prompt the user to recall the intended actions. This International Standard provides a consistent set of controls for such functions as: Back, Forward, Refresh, Home, Search, Print and Stop.

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Designation Name

SS-ISO/IEC 18036:2004

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Publication Date

April 8, 2004



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International Equivalent

ISO/IEC 18036:2003(IDT)