SS-ISO/IEC-20000-3 Information technology - Service management - Part 3: Guidance on scope definition and applicability of ISO/IEC 20000-1 (ISO/IEC 20000-3:2012, IDT)


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This part of ISO/IEC 20000 includes guidance on scope definition, applicability and demonstration of conformity to the requirements specified in ISO/IEC 20000-1. The guidance in this part of ISO/IEC 20000 will assist the service provider to plan service improvements and/or prepare for a conformity assessment against ISO/IEC 20000-1. This part of ISO/IEC 20000 will assist in establishing if ISO/IEC 20000-1 is applicable to a service provider's circumstances. It illustrates how the scope of an SMS can be defined, irrespective of whether the service provider has experience of defining the scope of other management systems. Guidance on types of conformity assessment and assessment standards is included. The scenarios and examples given use a series of commonly found and practical service provider circumstances. This part of ISO/IEC 20000 will be useful for consultants and assessors. It supplements the guidance on the application of ISO/IEC 20000-1 given in ISO/IEC 20000-2.

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SS-ISO/IEC 20000-3:2012

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Oct. 31, 2012



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International Equivalent

ISO/IEC 20000-3:2012(IDT)