SS-ISO/IEC-29500-2 Information technology - Document description and processing languages - Office Open XML File Formats - Part 2: Open Packaging Conventions (ISO/IEC 29500-2:2011, IDT)

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This Part of ISO/IEC 29500 specifies a set of conventions that are used by Office Open XML documents to define the structure and functionality of a package in terms of a package model and a physical model. The package model is a package abstraction that holds a collection of parts. The parts are composed, processed, and persisted according to a set of rules. Parts can have relationships to other parts or external resources, and the package as a whole can have relationships to parts it contains or to external resources. The package model specifies how the parts of a package are named and related. Parts have content types and are uniquely identified using the well-defined naming rules provided in this Part of ISO/IEC 29500. The physical mapping defines the mapping of the components of the package model to the features of a specific physical format, namely a ZIP archive. This Part of ISO/IEC 29500 also describes certain features that might be supported in a package, including core properties for package metadata, a thumbnail for graphical representation of a package, and digital signatures of package contents. Because this Part of ISO/IEC 29500 might evolve, packages are designed to accommodate extensions and to support compatibility goals in a limited way. The versioning and extensibility mechanisms described in Part 3 support compatibility between software systems based on different versions of this Part of ISO/IEC 29500 while allowing package creators to make use of new or proprietary features. This Part of ISO/IEC 29500 specifies requirements for documents, producers, and consumers. Conformance requirements are identified throughout the text of this Part of ISO/IEC 29500. A formal conformance statement is given in ยง2. An informative summary of requirements relevant to particular classes of developers is given in Annex H.

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SS-ISO/IEC 29500-2:2011

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Dec. 12, 2011



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ISO/IEC 29500-2:2011(IDT)