STG-TR-104 Jordförbättringsmedel och odlingssubstrat - Säkerhetsaspekter för människor, miljö och växter (CEN/CR 13455:1999)


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This document contains an assessment of the safety implications of soil improvers and growing media. This assessment provides a framework in which guidelines have been suggested to protect users (the exposed human population in general), the environment (flora, fauna, and ecosystems in a broad sense, including soil and water) and plants that are grown in the soil improver or growing medium. Each hazard is discussed separately and includes: -- a description of the hazard; -- existing regulations that are relevant; -- a discussion of the applicability of the hazard to soil improvers and growing media; and; -- recommended safety guidelines formulated by WG 2 of CEN/TC 223. This is summarized with a list of the hazards and corresponding recommended actions. The annexes contain references and background information. Not included in WG 2’s investigations were those quality aspects that are: -- commonly referred to as ‘fitness for purpose’, i.e. the commercial quality, composition or formulation that makes a product suited to satisfy a specific market application; -- pertaining to consumer protection from commercial fraud including product conformity to a stated composition and tolerances of deviations from it.

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STG TR 104

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Oct. 26, 1999



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