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Quality management systems - Requirements

5TH EDITION. Issued: SEPT. 15, 2015. 40 pages. CURRENT

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Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies (Hardcopy format)

REVISION H. Issued: SEPT. 1, 2020. 416 pages. CURRENT

Show IPC-A-610 revision history



Medical devices - Application of risk management to medical devices

3RD EDITION. Issued: DEC. 1, 2019. 36 pages. CURRENT

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Dimensioning and Tolerancing (Correctly Numbered ASME-Y14.5)

FOR 2018 EDITION SEE ASME-Y14.5. Issued: JAN. 1, 2019. 224 pages. CURRENT

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Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems

2022 EDITION. Issued: FEB. 18, 2022. 17 pages. CURRENT

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Medical devices - Quality management systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes

3RD EDITION. Issued: MARCH 1, 2016. 46 pages. CURRENT

Show ISO-13485 revision history



Food and Drugs

2022 EDITION. Issued: APRIL 1, 2022. CURRENT

Show 21CFR(800-1299) revision history



Standard Test Method for Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials

2021 EDITION. Issued: DEC. 10, 2021. 11 pages. CURRENT

Show ASTM-F88 revision history



Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes - Paper Format - Reaffirmed in 2018

2003 R18 EDITION. Issued: DEC. 15, 2018. CURRENT

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General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

3RD EDITION. Issued: NOV. 1, 2017. 38 pages. CURRENT

Show ISO/IEC-17025 revision history



Symbols for use in the labelling of medical devices

Show BS-EN-980 revision history

Medical electrical equipment - Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance

EDITION 3.2. Issued: AUG. 1, 2020. 860 pages. CURRENT

Show IEC-60601-1 revision history



Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

REVISION H. Issued: SEPT. 1, 2020. CURRENT

Show IPC/EIA-J-STD-001 revision history



Standard Specification for Chemical Passivation Treatments for Stainless Steel Parts

2017 EDITION. Issued: JULY 15, 2017. 9 pages. CURRENT

Show ASTM-A967 revision history



Standard Test Methods for Rockwell Hardness of Metallic Materials

2022 EDITION. Issued: MAY 26, 2022. 39 pages. CURRENT

Show ASTM-E18 revision history



Biological evaluation of medical devices - Part 1: Evaluation and testing within a risk management process

5TH EDITION. Issued: AUG. 1, 2018. 41 pages. CURRENT

Show ISO-10993-1 revision history



Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary

4TH EDITION. Issued: SEPT. 23, 2015. 58 pages. CURRENT

Show ISO-9000 revision history



Information supplied by the manufacturer of medical devices

Show BS-EN-1041 revision history

Acceptability of Printed Boards

REVISION K. Issued: JULY 1, 2020. 180 pages. CURRENT

Show IPC-A-600 revision history



Standard Guide for Accelerated Aging of Sterile Barrier Systems and Medical Devices

2021 EDITION. Issued: DEC. 21, 2021. 8 pages. CURRENT

Show ASTM-F1980 revision history