Tips for Searching for Standards at Document Center Inc.

Finding the document you need can be challenging. If you're having real difficulties, please contact us by email with any and all information you have on the document you need. Our experts will search down the item and provide you with a quote if the document is available.

Searches are not case-sensitive.

Search by Document Number:

Search for documents using the numeric portion of the document number, with or without hyphenation. For example, astm c359, c359, and astm-c359 2008 edition are all valid entries.

Your search phrase will also be used for a prefix-based search. For example, if you'd like to see all available documents whose document number begins with 'astm-b30', simply enter astm-b30 as your search phrase. This will return results for ASTM-B30, ASTM-B301, ASTM-B302, etc. Exact matches will rank higher than prefix matches in the results.

Search by Words and Phrases:

Search for a particular document by its exact title or a portion of the title. Or search for documents by keyword. The logical operators 'and', 'or', and 'not' are available. They affect the search engine's interpretation of the term immediately following.

For example:

The search phrase green tea will find all documents containing both the title/keyword "green" and the title/keyword "tea". Internally, this is identical to a search for green and tea.

The search phrase green or tea will find all documents with title/keyword "green" and all documents with title/keyword "tea." Search ranking will favor documents containing both terms.

The search phrase green not tea will find all documents with title/keyword "green" excluding any with title/keyword "tea".

No special characters are required.