Copyright Compliance

We know you want to comply with copyright requirements for the information you use. Here are some basic guidelines:

1.  When you buy a standard, you purchase it in a particular format, like paper or pdf.  You do not have the right to transform the document into another format or to copy it at a photocopier.  So please do not scan a paper document you purchase from Document Center Inc. or make additional copies at your photocopy machine...

2.  When you download a standard, you have a license agreement that you accept prior to retrieving the document.  Please note:  These licenses vary from association to association.  However, usually the license requires that you save the document on 1 computer for the use of 1 person only (single user license).  It's OK to back up the file so that if your computer crashes, you have a way to recreate your copy.  You are normally allowed to print 1 paper copy from the pdf file.  You can use this paper copy as you would any other book or document.

3.  It is not OK to put a purchased document on the internet, or other networks where other folks who have not paid for the document can view it.  This would include others in your supply chain.

4.  If you would like to quote a standard in your internal specifications, please contact us so that you can get authorization from the copyright holder for this type of usage.

5.  If you would like to make multiple copies of a standard for a training session or for your suppliers, please contact us so that we can see if we can get you a special arrangement and pricing.