Updating, Reporting, Audits: Monitoring Your Collection


Do you need your standards collection audited to make sure the documents you're using are complete and correct?  Document Center's Audit Service is perfect for you.  Just send us a list of the standards you use, including the document number, revision level and date (if available), and title (if available).  We'll get back to you with a quote for the audit. 

The audit consists of a review by our expert staff of each item on your list.  If the item is not correct or complete, we put it on a quote for you. The quote includes the document number, title, revision level and date.  You can use the quote to review your documents to make sure that you don't already have the items we find.

Then, order the items you need and relax, knowing that  your standards will pass any certification review you may have coming up.

Monitoring Services

Once your collection is in tip-top shape, how do you maintain it?  Simple - Use Document Center's updating services!

We have a number of options for you to choose from:

Regular Notification Service

Whenever you purchase a document from us we add you to our notification mailing list, and send you an email notifying you whenever there is a change to the item. This lasts for the lifetime of the document and is free when you purchase standards from us. If you have an existing collection you would like to add to this service the charge is $2.50 per document (We run this service approximately once every two to three weeks).


If notifications every two to three weeks are not fast enough for you, we have our premium service, StandardsAlert.  We do an audit of your collection nightly and email you within 24 hours if any of your standards have changed. You are welcome to add your collection to this service even if your standards were purchased elsewhere.  The subscription cost is $2.00 per document per year.


You also have the option to add a standing order for documents to your StandardsAlert service. You provide us with an open purchase order number and Document Center will automatically send you new revisions of standards as soon as we receive them. We will charge you for the document when we ship it using our usual terms of Net 30. You'll pay the $2.00 per document per year subscription fee for StandardsAlert plus a $50.00 charge for maintaining the blanket PO# for the orders the service generates.  You are welcome to add your collection to this service even if your standards were purchased elsewhere.  


StandardsInformer is our subject awareness service that allows you to track standards not in your collection.  We developed this service because we know you need to be aware of all changes and standards developments critical to your business. 

StandardsInformer provides you with a quarterly report on new standards issued in your areas of interest.   You’ll identify those topics using the ICS Code system.  Your quarterly reports will be generated by April 15th for the first quarter, July 15th for the second, October 15th for the third, and January 15th for the fourth.

The service is priced at $150.00 per year per subject area.  If you choose four or more subject areas, the price is reduced to $100.00 per year per subject.

Quarterly Standards Report

For many of you, the issue of keeping your compliance collection in good condition for the various quality and regulatory audits you face is an on-going issue.  Our Quarterly Standards Report is one way companies like yours have solved this problem.

To start the service, we'll work together to make sure that all your applicable documents are on our notification service.  Then, once a quarter we generate a report that lists all your standards.  It is provided to you in both paper and excel spreadsheet format.

The report itself is a listing of all the standards, titles, and the current revision levels, including the release date.  Any current document components like amendments, correction sheets, and so on are included.

We’ve got one customer who has relied on this service for years, and has even written it into the company’s quality protocols for his documentation requirements!

This service is priced at $120.00 per year.