ANSI-Z535.1 American National Standard for Safety Colors

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American National Standard for Safety Colors


This standard sets forth the technical definitions, color standards, and color tolerances for safety colors.  


Color codes used on safety signs, labels and tags, as well as for the identification and location of fire  extinguishers, first aid kits, traffic aisles, stumbling and tripping hazards, etc., have been developed in  the past by a large number of industrial firms and other organizations.

Although these color codes give satisfaction to those using them, they suffer from lack of uniformity. As a  result, spontaneity of action in times of emergency can be lost, particularly by employees who have  moved from one plant to another, when each has a different system.

This standard sets forth the specifications and test  methods for safety colors in order to establish  uniformity of safety color coding.


Claudia's Notes:
There are a total of 6 standards in the Z535 series, this one plus:
ANSI Z535.2  American National Standard Environmental and Facility Safety Signs  
ANSI Z535.3  American National Standard Criteria for Safety Symbols
ANSI Z535.4  American National Standard Product Safety Signs and Labels
ANSI Z535.5  American National Standard Safety Tags and Barricade Tapes (for Temporary Hazards)  
ANSI Z535.6  American National Standard Product Safety Information in Product Manuals, Instructions, and Other Collateral Material

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