ASTM-C911 Historical Revision Information
Standard Specification for Quicklime, Hydrated Lime, and Limestone for Selected Chemical and Industrial Uses

ASTM-C911 - 2006 R11 EDITION - SUPERSEDED -- See the following: ASTM-C258 ASTM-C259 ASTM-C415 ASTM-C433 ASTM-C45 ASTM-C46 ASTM-C49 ASTM-C53 ASTM-C826
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This specification covers lime and limestone products that are suitable for chemical and industrial uses such as in waste acid neutralization, agricultural liming, soil stabilization, asphalt, flue gas desulfurization, drinking water softening, waste and wastewater neutralization, and wastewater treatment plant residuals stabilization. The required chemical composition of quicklime, hydrated lime, and limestone for each selected end use are on the bases of the weight sample taken at the place of manufacture. Quicklime should be free of unslakable residues and should be capable of disintegrating in water to form suspensions of finely divided material.



1.1 This specification covers lime and limestone products suitable for the following chemical and industrial uses:


by-product lime; calcium oxide; calcium silicate; chemical uses; color removal; dolomitic hydrated lime; dolomitic lime; dolomitic limestone; dolomitic quicklime; high calcium hydrated lime; high calcium limestone; high calcium quicklime; hydrated lime; hypochlorite bleach; industrial uses; lime; limestone; magnesian hydrated lime; magnesian limestone; magnesian quicklime; quicklime; silica brick; silica removal; sulfite pulp; Hydrated lime--specifications; Industrial water treatment; Limestone--specifications; Magnesian lime (ML); Quicklime--specifications; Sewerage treatment limes; ICS Number Code 91.100.10 (Cement. Gypsum. Lime. Mortar)

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04.01 (Cement; Lime; Gypsum)

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91.100.10 (Cement. Gypsum. Lime. Mortar)

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2006 R11 EDITION



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July 15, 2011

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