IEC-60684-3-100 Flexible insulating sleeving - Part 3: Specifications for individual types of sleeving - Sheets 100 to 105: Extruded PVC sleeving

IEC-60684-3-100 - 2ND EDITION - CURRENT

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Gives the requirements for three types of non-heatshrinkable sleeving, extruded from PVC. Sleeving of this type is normally available with an internal diameter up to 50 mm and in a range of wall thicknesses between 0,2 mm and 1,8 mm. Each sheet covers up to three levels of wall thickness, "thin wall", "standard wall" and "thick wall" related to nominal internal diameter and with corresponding differences in requirements for breakdown voltage. Sheets 100 and 103 cover sleeving having a temperature range of -10 ¦C to 90 ¦C. Sheets 101 and 104 cover sleeving having a temperature range of -10 ¦C to 105 ¦C. Sheets 102 and 105 cover sleeving having a temperature range of -40 ¦C to 70 ¦C.



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29.035.20 (Plastics and rubber insulating materials Including adhesive tapes)

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IEC 60684-3-100 Ed. 2.0 b:2001

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July 1, 2001

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