IEC-60695-9-2 Fire hazard testing - Part 9-2: Surface spread of flame - Summary and relevance of test methods

IEC-60695-9-2 - EDITION 2.0 - CURRENT
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IEC 60695-9-2:2021 presents a summary of published test methods that are used to determine the surface spread of flame of electrotechnical products or materials from which they are formed.
It represents the current state of the art of the test methods and, where available, includes special observations on their relevance and use.
The list of test methods is not to be considered exhaustive, and test methods that were not developed by the IEC are not to be considered as endorsed by the IEC unless this is specifically stated.
This summary cannot be used in place of published standards which are the only valid reference documents.
This basic safety publication is intended for use by technical committees in the preparation of standards in accordance with the principles laid down in IEC Guide 104 and
ISO/IEC Guide 51.
One of the responsibilities of a technical committee is, wherever applicable, to make use of basic safety publications in the preparation of its publications. The requirements, test methods or test conditions of this basic safety publication will not apply unless specifically referred to or included in the relevant publications.
This International Standard is to be used in conjunction with IEC 60695-1.
This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition of IEC 60695-9-2 published in 2014. This edition constitutes a technical revision.
This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
a) Updated introduction
b) Updated normative references
c) Updated terms and definitions
d) New Subclauses 4.1 and 4.2
e) Reference to fire stages as defined in ISO 19706 (Table 1)
f) New sub-division of tests into the following subclauses:
4.3 Small-scale fire tests
4.4 Medium and intermediate-scale fire tests
4.5 Intermediate and large-scale fire tests for cables
4.6 Real-scale fire tests for cables
g) Updated text in parts of Clause 4
h) Addition of the following test methods:
IEC TS 60695-11-21
IEC 60684-2:2011, Clause 26
ISO 3582
ISO 9772
ISO 9773
ISO 12992
ISO 21367
i) New Clause 5 and Table 4 giving an overview of test methods
j) Deletion of all the Annexes
k) Updated bibliography



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IEC 60695-9-2 Ed. 2.0 b:2021

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Aug. 1, 2021

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