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Quality Program Requirements (No Superseding Document)

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Quality Program Requirements (No Superseding Document)


This specification shall apply to all supplies (including equipments, sub-systems and systems) or services when referenced in the item specification, contract or order.

Contractual Intent.  This specification requires the establishment of a quality program by the contractor to assure compliance with the requirements of the contract.  The program and procedures used to implement this specification shall be developed by the contractor.  The quality program, including procedures, processes and product shall be documented and shall be subject to review by the Government Representative.  The quality program is subject to the disapproval of the Government Representative whenever the contractor's procedures do not accomplish their objectives.  The Government, at tis option, may furnish written notice of the acceptability of the contractor's quality program.


Claudia's Notes:
This is another of the "Big 3" documents that our business was based on in the 1980's and early 1990's.  It was cancelled without replacement, much to the government contracting community's dismay.  

However, that doesn't mean that without MIL-Q-9858 there's no emphasis on quality in government contract work.  Indeed, many of our ISO 9000 certified customers used to use the MIL-Q-9858!

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Oct. 1, 1996