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Manuals, Technical: General Style and Format Requirements

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Manuals, Technical: General Style and Format Requirements


This standard covers the general style and format requirements for the preparation of standard Technical Manuals (TM) and changes thereto intended for military applications. This includes all technical documents assigned a TM identification number and controlled by a TM management information system, or subject to requisition from an inventory control point. This standard provides for Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) Document Type Definition (DTD) usage (see Appendices B through E) required for electronic data delivery, including PDF. This standard supplements the performance of detail specifications used for specific TM types and related publications, but does not deliver any technical data. Unless specified otherwise herein, the examples at the end of this standard are typical and may be adapted to fit the specific equipment or situation being covered. All appendices are intended for compliance when applicable.


Claudia's Notes:
Revision A is a significant update from the original release of MIL-STD-38784, so black lines in the margins are not used for modifications.

Technical publications prepared in accordance with this standard are intended for use in the installation, operation, maintenance, repair and logistics support of military equipment/systems or for accomplishment of assigned missions and to set a style and format standard for related publications for which no other standards exist.

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