SIS-CEN-ISO/TR-7250-2 Basic human body measurements for technological design - Part 2: Statistical summaries of body measurements from individual ISO populations (ISO/TR 7250-2:2010)

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 2012 EDITION - Nov. 1, 2012
 FOR 2012 EDITION AMENDMENT 1 SEE - April 22, 2013

This Technical Report provides statistical summaries of body measurements together with database background information for working age people in the national populations of individual ISO member bodies. The data in this Technical Report are intended for use in conjunction with ISO standards for equipment design and safety, which require ISO 7250-1 body measurement input, wherever national specificity of design parameters is required. NOTE 1 Users of this Technical Report who know of newly available data are encouraged to contact their ISO member bodies and the ISO TC 159/SC3 secretariat, as described in 6.2. Body measurement data for technological design need to be reliable in terms of representing the intended population and measurement quality. To ensure the comparability of measurements, body dimensions in this Technical Report are measured according to ISO 7250-1. To ensure the reliability of statistical data, databases from which statistics are calculated adhere to ISO 15535. This Technical Report provides body measurement data for people of working age. In order to provide practical data, the age range is not defined and the decision is left to each country, because working age differs among countries. However, the data for children under 16 years are not included. NOTE 2 Secular change means changes in mean body dimensions of a specific group over time. The direction of change can be positive or negative.

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