SS-EN-3909 Aerospace series - Test fluids and test methods for electrical and optical components and sub-assemblies

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This standard specifies the list of test fluids to be used to demonstrate that components and sub-assemblies will not be adversely affected by contamination by fluids types that they may typically be exposed to. The fluids listed are representative of those commonly used and encountered in airborne and ground operations, and align with the requirements of fluids susceptibility of ISO 7137. This shall not be considered an exhaustive list and additional test fluids may be instructed in the product standard, against which compliance needs to be demonstrated. This standard, when used in conjunction with the test requirements defined in Clause 6 or the product standard shall be considered the starting point to test a component to determine its minimum performance capability when exposed to the fluids listed.Test results obtained from a number of sources over a considerable period of time have shown that, in many cases, widely varying results can be obtained when using fluids that are used in service. The practice of specifying fluids based on performance criteria rather than their constituents can mean variations in test results between batches of the fluid obtained from different manufacturers, or even from the same manufacturer.For this reason the EN 3909 Standard recommends the use of "standard test fluids" which are specified by their constituents and contain the chemicals that may be found in commonly used fluids. Where equipment may be exposed to fluid types that are not covered by Table 1 or where specific test fluids are considered to be necessary, the product standard shall identify the particular fluid required. If a manufacturer chooses to include additional test fluids (e.g. to satisfy a customer requirement), they do so at their own risk.

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SS-EN 3909:2016

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May 30, 2016



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EN 3909:2016(IDT)