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Soil quality - Sampling - Part 5 Guidance on the procedure for the investigation of urban and industrial sites with regard to soil contamination (ISO 10381-5:2005, IDT)

SS-ISO-10381-5 - REPLACED BY SS-ISO-18400-203, SS-ISO-18400-104 - SUPERSEDED
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This part of ISO 10381 gives guidance on the procedure for the investigation of urban and industrial sites, where either it is known that soil contamination is present, or the presence of soil contamination is suspected. It is also applicable where there is a need to establish the contamination status of the site, or there is a need to establish the environmental quality of the site for other purposes. This part of ISO 10381 includes guidance on the collection of information that is necessary for risk assessment and/or the development of remedial action plans (e.g. whether remediation is required and suggestions as to how this might be best achieved). However, it only provides guidance on the information required in general. It is emphasized that specific remediation methods may need additional information. This part of ISO 10381 is also applicable to sites where no soil contamination is expected, but the soil quality is to be determined (e.g. to make sure that there is no contamination present). Although the sites considered in this document have been defined as urban and industrial sites, the guidance contained in this part of ISO 10381 is equally applicable to any site where the degree and extent of contamination needs to be established.

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SS-ISO 10381-5:2006

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REPLACED BY SS-ISO-18400-203, SS-ISO-18400-104



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April 15, 2021



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ISO 10381-5:2005(IDT)