TAPPI-T564 Transparent Chart for the Estimation of Defect Size

TAPPI-T564 - 2011 EDITION - CURRENT -- See the following: TAPPI-0109DIRTT
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Transparent Chart for the Estimation of Defect Size


There are many applications where it is desired to measure the size of spots, defects or inclusions in paper and other industrial materials such as textiles or plastics. This chart was developed from the “TAPPI Dirt Estimation Chart” to provide a means for size estimation.


Claudia's Notes:
Don't be fooled!  This is the standard that explains how to use the Transparent Chart, not the Chart itself.  For the chart, use the link above (TAPPI-0109DIRTT ).

The TAPPI T564 2011 Edition provides users with an editorially corrected standard practice on the use of the transparent chart itself.  The transparent version of the TAPPI Dirt Estimation Chart must be purchased separately.

The Transparent Chart was produced by request from industry segments that wanted only to have a quick size estimation method.   It is not a true replacement for the TAPPI Dirt Estimation Chart, which is printed on an opaque, white background.

For more information, see my blog: http://standardsforum.com/tappi-t564-on-the-use-of-the-transparent-tappi-dirt-estimation-chart-is-available-in-the-new-2011-edition/

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