IEC-60728-201 Cable networks for television signals, sound signals and interactive services - Part 201: A study of IPTV systems with examples and applications for optical broadcast services

IEC-60728-201 - EDITION 1.0 - CURRENT

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IEC TR 60728-201:2024 describes the technical background of IPTV systems and commercially available products related to audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment to enable cable operators and customers to understand current IPTV systems that include application, middleware, network, equipment and terminal devices. This document is to encourage all TA5 experts to develop new IS related to IPTV system over optical broadcast network. This Technical Report examines the mechanisms of IPTV systems developed by major standards development organizations (SDOs) and known national regulations. This document concludes with observations and recommendations for the potential future technical standards development activities especially for TA5 under the scope of TC 100.
The purpose of this TR is to give cable operators an appropriate way how to adopt IPTV services with current FTTH system recognizing that optical system is the best solution for the effective transmission of 4K and 8K video signals. This TR gives an overall but essential information on current IPTV systems to cable operators; however, too much detailed information is omitted due to the limitation of document size. The author of this document recommends the cable operator who plans to develop IPTV services to study the original international standards shown in this document. It also describes a migration from the HFC to FTTH system for effective introduction to IPTV services.
DOCSIS 4.0 can be considered on HFC as an alternative way to provide 10Gbps service. If bandwidth and other constraints (without Amp, etc.) are cleared, the IPTV service described in this document can of course be provided.
In addition to present international standards and recommendations, this document describes some major technology supporting IPTV services such as unicast, multicast, ABR (Adapting Bit Rate) and MPEG-DASH. The experiment of 4K and 8K video transmission over IP, virtual STB are also described.



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IEC/TR 60728-201 Ed. 1.0 en:2024

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Feb. 1, 2024

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