SS-EN-17456 Wood flooring and parquet - Determination of top layer delamination of multilayer elements - Test method

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This document specifies a test method to determine the top layer delamination of multilayer parquet elements according to EN 13489 with different structures, dimensions and adhesives for internal use as flooring, at the time of the first delivery of the product. The document specifies a test method with three aging-treatments (AT1, AT2 and AT3) of the test specimens. The test method described in this document allows to determine a top layer bonding quality, also for parquet used on floor heating, and for the identification of bonding failure. NOTE 1 For bottom layer of three layers elements the test method is applicable even if the experience is limited. AT1 is a suitable treatment for the prognosis of multilayer parquets under dry indoor conditions and can be applied for all type of glues of parquets. It can be used for main underfloor heating systems. AT2 is a suitable treatment for the assessment of multilayer parquets with PVAc-glues for top layer bonding. AT3 is a suitable treatment for the assessment of multilayer parquets with different type of glues other than PVA-c for top layer bonding. This document does not apply to the bonding quality of plywood if it is in use in the multilayer parquet construction. NOTE 2 This document does not allow to estimate the compatibility of use in wet conditions.

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SS-EN 17456:2021

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April 19, 2021



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