A List of Some of Our Most Popular Product Safety Standards


American National Standard for Safety Colors

2017 EDITION. Issued: DEC. 1, 2017. CURRENT

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American National Standard for Environmental and Facility Safety Signs

2011 EDITION. Issued: AUG. 1, 2011. CURRENT

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American National Standard for Criteria for Safety Symbols

2011 EDITION. Issued: SEPT. 1, 2011. CURRENT

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American National Standard for Product Safety Signs and Labels

2011 REPRINT. Issued: NOV. 15, 2011. 49 pages. CURRENT

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American National Standard for Safety Tags and Barricade Tapes (for Temporary Hazards)

2022 EDITION. Issued: JAN. 1, 2022. CURRENT

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American National Standard for Product Safety Information in Product Manuals, Instructions and Other Collateral Materials

2011 REPRINT. Issued: NOV. 1, 2011. 42 pages. CURRENT

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Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Frame Child Carriers

2022 EDITION. Issued: MAY 17, 2022. 12 pages. CURRENT

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Standard Safety Specification for Consumer Trampoline Enclosures

2015 R20 EDITION. Issued: APRIL 21, 2020. 8 pages. CURRENT

Show ASTM-F2225 revision history



Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety

2017 EDITION. Issued: AUG. 15, 2017. 90 pages. CURRENT

Show ASTM-F963 revision history



Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toddler Beds

2019(E2) EDITION. Issued: MARCH 16, 2022. 11 pages. CURRENT

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Standard Safety Guide for Consumer Recreational Use of Fun-Karts

2098 R18 EDITION. Issued: FEB. 1, 2018. 3 pages. CURRENT

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Safety Signs

REVISION 3. Issued: FEB. 1, 1999. CURRENT



Safety of machinery. Ergonomic design principles

2006 EDITION. Issued: MAY 31, 2006. 28 pages. CURRENT

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Safety of machinery. Reduction of risks to health from Hazardous substances emitted by machinery. Principles and specifications for machinery manufacturers

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Safety of machinery. Reduction of risk to health from hazardous substances emitted by machinery. Methodology leading to verification procedures

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Machine tools. Mechanical presses. Safety

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Safety requirements for foundry moulding and coremaking machinery and plant and associated equipment

1998 EDITION. Issued: JAN. 15, 1998. 66 pages. CURRENT



Gas welding equipment. Safety devices

Show BS-EN-730-1 revision history

Gas welding equipment. Safety devices

Show BS-EN-730-2 revision history

Pumps and pump units for liquids. Common safety requirements

1998 EDITION. Issued: DEC. 15, 1998. 22 pages. CURRENT